Photo by emily d Photography

Photo by emily d Photography

A Little About Me...

The reality is that every life is full of ups and downs. Our challenge in the short time each of us has on this planet is to make the most of it by relishing in the ups – and working through the downs so we can come out on the other side as a better, happier and more enlightened person.

Which is where I come in. I’m Sandra Jackson, a registered social worker, psychotherapist. I am also a lawyer who formerly practiced family law for almost 10 years. 

My passion as a therapist is to help people live their authentic life and make sense of the challenges they encounter along the way.  

I’ve lived through my share of life challenges – including adoption and being reunited with my birth mother, growing up as a child of divorce, dealing with fertility issues, and two major career changes. What they taught me is that our challenges can be our greatest teachers – if we let them. Mine led me on a path of self-discovery towards a life of purpose and passion that feels authentic to me.  

As a professional and parent of two young girls, I understand completely how the pressures of life cause feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and lack of control.

Therapy is an opportunity for you to talk to someone in a safe and non-judgmental space, about the struggles we all face navigating this fast-paced world. It will also help you gain clarity and awareness about your life so you can make positive changes towards living the life you truly want. 

As a therapist, I work with individuals of all ages and stages of life, and specialize in supporting people who are struggling with the pressure to have it all, or dealing with intimate partner relationship issues. Your sessions with me are a space of safety, where you will experience empathy, acceptance, and zero-judgment.

I also co-host wellness retreats, click here to learn more. 

When not working with clients, I spend as much of my spare time as I can with my husband and girls. I love to travel and binge watch documentaries on Netflix!

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Degrees & certifications:

  • Bachelor and Master Degree in Social Work from McGill University

  • Juris Doctor from the University of Toronto

  • Member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

  • Member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers

  • Member of the Law Society of Upper Canada


My Intention

To assist you with gaining an understanding of the role your life experiences play in encouraging you to make necessary changes. We are all entitled to a life we love. However, many of us are held back by limiting beliefs or discouraged by the challenges we experience. I encourage you to accept who you are at this moment, as well as your life journey. It is only through acceptance that we are able to appreciate our unique strengths and gifts, in order to live a happy, balanced and fulfilled life. 


My passion as a therapist is to help you live your most authentic life and make sense of the challenges we encounter on life’s journey. My personal life and work experience have been instrumental in assisting me with understanding how the difficulties we face are usually our greatest teachers and are meant to lead us to becoming our best and true selves. If you want to learn more about my therapy services click here


As a left-brain thinker, it took me awhile to appreciate the concept that we are all energy. This means everything that happens in our lives first occurs on an energetic level.  As a result, in order to truly transform our lives, we have to transform our energy. 

I can support you in working to transform your energy through Reiki and Psychotherapeutic Energy Work.

The Universe Reveals its Secrets to Those who Dare to Follow Their Hearts
— Ralph Smart